What is the process for picking up keys?




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    sooja Nehrlich

    I understand that I use my mobile number to access my keycard, but what is my pin number after my mobile number?

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    Jason Crabb

    When you first sign up for a Keycafe account you setup a 4 digit PIN number.   If you forget your PIN, you may reset the number as follows:

    1. Log into your keycafe.com account.

    2. Scroll over your name in the upper right.

    3. Select "Profile"

    4. Enter a new 4 digit PIN in the 5th field down from the top and then re-type the code to verify in the 6th field from the top. 



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    Jason Crabb

    If you are already at a SmartBox location you can request a temporary PIN with the following instructions:


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